Born in 1946 in Rural Retreat, Virginia, Pamela Stafford has won numerous awards & scholarships for her work including 1st Place in the Florida Arts Society, the Austin Abbey Foundation Mural Award, and honors from the Cork Gallery, Andre Wang Arts School, and the National Academy School of Design. She began designing and painting in high school and traveled the world as a model in the years following. In 1976, she came to New York and continued a successful design career under her own label, Stafford of New York.

In 1994, Pamela suddenly realized that she needed to return to art and began drawing, sculpting and painting from morning till night at the Art Students' League and the National Academy. Pamela was asked in 1999 to create an instructional video on portraiture, entitled "How to Paint the Portrait", and went on to paint at the Ecole des Baux Arts in Paris as well as studying Byzantine icons at the Centre d'Etude Russes Saint-George (Center for Russian Icons) in Maudon, France. She now holds a three-year certificate at the National Academy.

Since 2001, Pamela has worked as a private portraiture & landscape instructor and has continued to offer commissioned portraiture and restoration.